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Diabetes Monitors/Supplies

There has never been a better time for diabetics to monitor their glucose levels. We offer three options for diabetic patients:

  • Dexcom CGM
  • FreeStyle Libre
  • Contour Next EZ Meter

If you want to purchase or order one of our solutions, and you need information about how Medicare Part B helps with the cost, please speak to one of our pharmacists today.

Dexcom CGM

The Dexcom CGM is a Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). It is a way to track glucose levels throughout the day and night in real time. A small CGM sensor, attached to your skin, takes glucose measurements at regular intervals. A built-in transmitter then sends the data to a smartphone app via Bluetooth to show a current glucose value. The system also displays arrows that show the direction and speed glucose is changing.

This top-of-the-line technology gives you continuous data to help you proactively manage glucose highs and lows. Real time alerts can give added insight into what different factors affect your glucose levels in the moment. Learn how meals, exercise and insulin cause your glucose levels to change through the day.

FreeStyle Libre

The FreeStyle Libre is another Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) option. It works with a sensor that continuously monitors your blood sugar levels and wirelessly sends updates to your smartphone every minute. 

The FreeStyle Libre app will display your blood sugar level in real-time, tell you if it is trending up or down, and alert you if it is at a critical level. You can review a graph showing the levels over time.

This video will show How to Use the FreeStyle Libre 3 App to View Your Glucose.

Contour Next EZ Meter

The Contour Next EZ is a system that requires lancets, test strips, and a meter device to detect the blood sugar level in a patient’s blood sample. 

The Contour Next EZ has an easy-to-read display with simple test strip insertion to check your blood glucose level, has No Coding® technology for one less step in the testing process, and with Second-Chance® Sampling technology, you can save money with fewer wasted strips.

The video How to Perform a Blood Glucose Test will help patients understand how easy it is to measure their blood sugar level with the Contour Next EZ system.


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