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Prescriptions and Refills

All our pharmacy locations are accepting new prescription requests. Bring us your handwritten prescriptions or ask your provider to electronically send your prescriptions to our pharmacy (known as E-Prescription).

E-Prescription (E-Scribe)

The advantages of having your prescriptions sent directly to Roan Mountain Pharmacy are many:

  • Handwritten prescriptions are sometimes as hard to read; E-Scribes are clear, accurate, and less prone to mistakes.
  • E-Escribes are automatically entered into our pharmacy computer system, enabling us to efficiently fill your prescription requests.
  • Being in electronic form also speeds up the process of filing on your insurance.

Chances are, we will have your prescription filled and ready by the time you arrive.


Refill requests are easy by phone. Just call your home pharmacy’s main number, and when the auto-attendant message prompts “To order a refill on our automated refill line, please press 1”, press 1 on your phone keypad and follow the instructions. Refill requests instantaneously go into our pharmacy computer and processed within an hour.

Roan Mountain: (423) 772-3591
Bakersville: (828) 820-8058

For smartphone users, you can use our Rx365 app for a more robust prescription management experience. Learn more about it and access free downloads on our Rx365 Mobile App page.

Transfer Prescriptions

We also accept prescriptions transferred from other pharmacies to either of our pharmacy locations. If you want to transfer, call us or bring us your prescription bottle to request a transfer.

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